Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PMR results day

The day is here.
The horror.....
My strategy of taking my results was putting on a poker face while taking the slip.
without any expression, no fear, no tears, no nothing.

"cant read my, cant read my, no you cant read my poker face"

Yeah.. SO here's my results!

Bahasa Melayu: B
English: A
Maths: A
Science: A
Geography: A
History: C
Kemahiran Hidup: C

thanks to Keiffer ♥ who updated this for me. visit his blog please [click]
and he who pushed me through my studies. i love him much much. (: give him a shoutout!


PMR result


Thursday, November 4, 2010

If I had Rapunzel's hair

Hello everyone!

None of us can wait any longer for the movie Repunzel to come out in cinemas.
The waiting is killing us one by one.
If any of you have been locking yourselves up in the room 24/7 watching Youtube and adding random people in Facebook and you are outdated...

Rapunzel is coming out in cinemas! :D

Instead of wondering how Rapunzel deal with her 70 feet of magical golden hair.
What if I had her 70 feet of magical golden hair?
with a 70 feet of magical golden hair.
i can do things that a 70 feet of magical golden hair can!

When I was young, I had long hair. not even 70 feet yet though..
Then CUT.
then long.
then CUT.
then long.
now CUT

How to get a 70 foot long hair!?

But if i have Rapunzel's hair..

1. I can go for a free bungee jump anywhere, anytime!
no need to line up at all and it's free! *thats the best part lah*
I can just tie the end of my hair at the top of KLCC and just jump down!

2. I'll be known from all other the world.
More famous than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber ok!
I'll be interviewed by so many channels that I dont even have the time to drink!
Imagine me being interviewed!

3. Instead of taking up 1 seat in the LRT, I'll take up 4 seats!
So no uncle will fall asleep on my shoulder and no aunty will try to squeeze in between!
also, it'll be a great excuse for me to my mom that I need a King-size bed for me and my hair!
and probably my own personal sofa!

4. Magical hair means no split ends!
I dont have to buy those Sunsilk Repair Damage Serum anymore to fix my hair!
Save the money so I can go shop for something else haha!
Magical hair also contains long lasting sweet smell for my hair right?
save shampoo also!
also, save water!
and money.

5. Magical hair also means i can change it's style.
Dinner? change to straight hair!
outing? change to curly!
too bad cant change to short.
min length must be 70feet hehe!
can also save on hair straightener and curlers!
not to mention those rm200+ treatments in salons!
*stares at purse*

But too bad I dont have her hair..

But I am able to catch Rapunzel in cinemas and watch make use of her 70-feet long hair!

Oh, and this is what you call a BAD HAIR DAY.



Sunday, September 12, 2010

1 week of holiday, gone

OMG. time passed so fast!
KL house no internet lah. D: susah mau blog.
here's 1 week of update of me:

balik KL.

went 1u with kei and zaida.
bought kenny's gift.
T shirt from quicksilver- rm159 gone
met up with kei's parents. O_O
had burger king with them.
Aunty got me 3 boxes of chocolate. Panic. @_@

kei visits.
its kenny's bday~
parents are back from penang!
had dinner at riverview for kenny's bday.
send kei and uncle ray home.

pergi zoo negara. YES, ZOO NEGARA.
praying it wont rain..
but it rain. :3
thank God it only rain when the show was about finish.
got wet when went home,
ate maggie
and sleep with kei.
picked up nise,
went 1u,
send kei home. lol. D:

went to school with nise
8.30 - 12.30 is no fun at all.
summore its geografi class. mati.
chit chat with harsha and nava.
and mori? O:
found a kitty, took it home.
played with kitty, went gym

nise balik. i think

memory fail to load.
nvm, memory recalled after 10min.
went swimming with kei. yeah!

went 1u with kei's family at 6.
picked up his new contacts and then went to e@curve.
walked, got shiminos,
bought cheap glasses,
got hot dogs,
met up,
had dinner at popeyes.
watched a rated 18 movie, Piranhas.
movie sucks.
but i jumped a few times and made kei jump too. haha.
went home at 12am wow.

balik penang.
went grandma's house.
saw grandma.. O_O
scary that she can see.
now in stroke condition...

SUNDAY, now.
going back KL later and tmr going PAWS. I know i very malas to update one whole week nicely.
if i do, im no isabell ahahah.
I hope everyone's enjoying their holidays. :3


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Koreans gone wild

Hi guys!
To those korean k-pop groups, heres a post for u? :D
I dont really listen to individual k-singers. :\
So i have no idea about them.
But this post main idea is that post of the K-pop band members have changed their style.
is it the wild season now?
They have transformed from cutesy to wild one. O_O
lets start:

Tiffany from SNSD

I like her new short hair tho. xD
she's so sexy in Run Devil Run.
I dint know her till Marcus told me it was her.
googled and went OMG-usher

Lee Taemin from SHINee

I cant find any good pictures of his mushroom head. :\
but that works good as well.
Taemin's the dance leader in SHINee. :3
watching him in Lucifer is.. XD

Krystal from f(x)
her hair in nu ABO.
I just noticed she's holding something in the 2nd pic..

SULLI from f(x)
too bad thats not her..
permenent hair?
cause when I watched nu ABO live, her hair was long and black. ):
But the hair in the live video looks much much better on her. :3

Theres more tho but im lazy now.
I'm currently in Penang. yes penang.

I went back KL on saturday morning @7am
and thennnnnnnn.
my aunty called up saying my grandma fainted at home.
So we went back to KL
and rushed to penang with kenny and jon.
wahhhhhh so tired.
Yeah my grandma..
Her high blood was so high
that the blood vassel burst.
and now, shes in coma.

Operating her,
70% chances that she may NOT survive the operation.
10% chances that she may wake up from coma.

but right now, she's just..half awake?
if aunty dont want to take care of her,
mom's bringing her back to KL and get a maid to take care.
Grandma, please accept Jesus into your heart. :'(


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ring Ding Dong

lover fool with his salmon!


it's a Wednesday today. Wow, that's fast.
I've been tired lately..
Mom woke up late today and I was late for school again.
Sadly, each of us need to meet up with that idiotic counselling teacher
again she continues on with the "show off, stupid, lazy, noisy" topic of hers

Teacher: what, think your 3A2 so you can come late? Don't think I don't know you! All you do in class is talk talk talk. Never paying attention, if you want to come late to school everyday, might as well don't come at all! All the students in the front class only know how to show off! but actually you all are stupid students! Whats your excuse now for being late!?

me: My mom's sick today.

Teacher: *pause for 10sec*.... SEE HERE! Second warning! Means your always late last time for your first warning!

me: yeah, but that's like, so long ago.

Teacher: *pause again for 10sec* I dont want to see you again!

rofl. She's trying to make me in the wrong :3
I wish I could report her to our new vice headmaster.

"encik lim, I need counseling ): Our counseling teacher saying negative stuff about us making me more negative."

Anyway, this teacher don't even teach me.
and I don't think she even walk pass my class.
cause she only lock herself in the counseling room. ;D
I don't talk in class.
Ok i do,
but I focus too ok.
what makes her think I talk
does she even teach me? nop!

Yesss. The last time I was late because I sat in emily's car. She was like, scolding me non-stop without letting me explain why I was late.
So pissed off with that teacher. :\

To release my anger.
would you like to share some Swedish meatballs?


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's the first day of puasa. It's a holiday in JB. :3
Trials are gone! only thing left is pmr!
I'm so tired. Tho i din't really study for trials.. But all I can do is do my best!
I dont like forcing myself.

My friends decided to pile up some cash to get me a hedgehog.
At first i demanded for a psp rofl. But it's too expensive hehe.
So hedgehog it is but I plan to get one myself with me and kei.
I feel bad using their money. But Joshua said:

"its not like you forced us to"

Still. :)
I dont feel nice using their rm5. haha..

Pmr is on 5th of October for 1 week.
I'll be back by then!

I dont know what else to blog about.

yes the hedgehog!

I would want to name it FER.
keiffer named it fur at first.
but fer sounds nicer. XD
I want fer as soon as possible. ):
and keiffer too la. <3


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Their just..sigh.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

A sleep update

2nd of August 2010

Today was Larian Perdana (marathon) I'm part of the st.john so I was thrown at Check point 32 with Olivia (guy's path)
It started off with rain for 5min and the girls took off.
Its sad that I cant see the girls run. ):
But then the guys came running lol..
after the last 2 passed us, we were the first team to go back to school 8D
Then it was prize giving and lucky draw. The usual.

BTW, these are my plan for next week:

Tuesday I'll be going back to KL after school.
Wednesday I'll be moving house. (PJ to Melawati!)
Thursday I'll be back to JB.
Saturday, flight at 8.30am. Flying alone back to KL and off to sunway
MTV World Stage! wheeee.
Sunday follow dad back.
Monday trials.

I need to study! O_O


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creative Hairs.

My dream hair. Hope to graduate fast. XD
But I'm gonna bleach and dye the bottom hald instead of the top half being blonde.
like the image below:

The hair that i suggested to denise. ;)
nice wei. haha.

ohhh man my blog is so dead..
Right now I'm rushing for my geo project. SIGh. D=

great site. ;)


p/s; I won 3rd place is whole pasir gudang for english essay. ;) ha-ha. dint expected it.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another untitled.

Delicious! Shoes by Jonathan Liang.
(MY BRO HEHE! rofl)

Im so tired..
Maths paper 2 is on monday. Hates! >:(
Mom's going philipines on monday.
Leaving me all alone in JB with daddy.
Means I can go to Jusco if I want. ;)
Then wesak mom go Melaka pulak.
sad daughter.


p/s; sorry if theres no drawings. Stress out.

Friday, May 21, 2010



my nail blog. :)
I shall love those who click.
the rest go die.
rofl no la. <3
I love u all. =D


Thursday, May 20, 2010


20 May

21 May
BI2 BI 1 MM1

24 May

25,26, 27- Study whatthe..

28 May

31 May

1 June

2 June
=islam and chinese, not taking=

3 June



Monday, May 17, 2010

Teacher's day.

Yes.. teacher's day.

Thought it would be a great day.
Thought lah.
First I arrived at school.
Yes and we went in.
I can feel my stomach crying for help to go home.
But I stayed.

After awhile, Geraldine and Ting.
Of cause would to mix around with Shafiq and Ong.
And well, I followed Yuan, nini, Joshua, Yun Hao. etc.
But of cause, the loneliness comes back fast.
All alone again.
I saw ah bing (some guy harhar. whom I donno of but I do, in FB. Internet these days huh)
I saw him walking around alone.
He's sometimes alone. :\
Thought of going over to say hi.
shy. harhar. typical..

went into the hall. Leon plugged in his speakers.
And blast some music.
The only time which I was actually surounded by people.
well duh. I'm shouting. Who won't noticed.
yes, Got this weird feeling of being surounded by guys.
makes me feel.. as im fishing.
But these are old friends. Great people.
For awhile.
Yes, screaming to TH songs, Ke$ha, Black eye Peas..
And Lily Allen. F*** you.

Then I decided to go to the toilet.
Ahh yes. walking there alone.
For some reason.
I enjoyed being alone for a moment.
It feels relaxing.
But I din't dare to walk pass by the people I know.
Weird feeling. yes..typical for me.

wasted my time in school.
i should have stayed home and rest.
Yes, I still hate school.
but being alone just now.
I feel great.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Thunder, Lighting, Boom, Boom.

Today after CF, rain was like pouring really hard.
Had a short shelter when I went to find Miss Hew.
In order to get to the "foyer" I had to run from the hallway all the way there.
But getting pissed at the rain wont help.

So duh, no choice, I ran.
but once I went out into the rain,
a random lighting stroked near by.
I can feel the vibration of the thunder.

So I took shelter again and wait.
I continue running and again when I got out,
it strikes again.

So scary.
Someone up there must really hate me.

by the way,
the choir group is canceled due to no one staying back yesterday
(well duh, they had it last minute)
Who would want to stay back when they just randomly tell you that
"oh, today we have gather you here for our first practice. But also, we got one day. So it's our last practice too, so please stay back after school"


anyway, canceled. :3


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday. 13 May

was called out of class for some practice.
We'r singing Legenda and We Are The World for teacher's day.
and thought I can ponteng. Haih. :\
nemai lah..
While some guy was doing the "we will rock u" sound
I start the song with..

Come on, you can look at me, I dont need to fit in!
Stand up, if you give a damn, it's the livin' season.

TH- Hey You

I had to sing like, 2 lines from Lagenda. :\
why malay song my gah.
At least my malay not so cacat.

Teacher's day on Monday!. T90 will be doing some actions. >:3
I'm so tired these days.
keep falling asleep in the afternoon nom..
headaches are gone already.

12 more days to mid term. Die.



Full view~


Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Mother

You know,
A mother,
They sometimes annoy us don't you think.
I remember my last year mother's day.
yeah, my mom scolded me on that day.
Don't remember what is was.
But it's best to think about the line;
"its better to get scolded by a mother, than having no mother"

Though, they do annoy us sometimes by buying us the same thing to eat everyday..

But we cant blame them for being too busy till buy the same thing.
But their being busy for us.
we should be thankful.

sometimes they are too busy till they forget to pick us up.
all mothers are forgetful.
everyone is.

But in the end they did pick us up.
They rush for us.
and even sometimes kena saman.
we should be thankful.

A mother would scold for 2 reasons;
and PMS
sometimes we do the wrong things
we make them angry.
we upset them,
we insulted them,
we talk back,
we ignore..
and the list goes on

But they sacrifice their energy by scolded us
trying to lead us to the right path
making sure we do not mix with the wrong person
we should be thankful

So on this day,
why not draw a card?
write her a song,
study hard..
the list goes on.
to show that we ARE thankful
for the stuff they did for us.


Tokio Hotel

Tom Kaulitz

Gustav Schafer

Georg Listing

and best of all:

Bill Kaulitz
(beautiful :( I love u bill!)

Come back to Malaysia. =(
we all miss you.
ohhohoh, Tom look so candid in the pic. xD

well yes people, I admit from my previous post, Tom IS hot, but I don't like those guys who are unfaithful! ):
But hes still hot lah.
but Bill's hotter. ;)

Currently listening to:
Tokio Hotel -Human connect to Human


Friday, May 7, 2010

Tom Or Bill Kaulitz

I took a quiz about who's your soulmate for Tom and Bill Kaulits.
At first I got Tom, here's the results

Okay , so you pull a name out of the hat and it was "toms" so you walk up to the closet and let him in then closes the door and sits down and he starts kissing you and he takes your shirt off and then you pull his shirt off and he takes your bra off and then he pulls of your pants and your pull off his and then he finishes undressing you and you finish undressing him and then he shoves it in you and you moan a little and then you hear a big BANG on the door because gustav pushed bill against the door and then they both yelled "times up" so you and tom both got dressed and went out then you never heard of him again

Then I did it again, and got Bill:

Okay , So You Pull A Name Out Of A Hat , Its Bill's Name , He Stands up Grabs your hand and pull's you up and take's you to the door to the closet then he goes in and you follow and shut the door behind you he starts asking simple qestions and you answer them then he get's close to you and puts his arm around you , you try to scoot away from him but his grip is to tight and he starts kissing you and you kiss him back and he tugs on your shirt and he lift's it up a little and try's to take it off and you take it off for him and then you tug on his shirt and pulls it up a little and he takes it of for you and you put your hands on his chest and then you hear a loud bang on the door and it was tom , Gustav hit tom against the door and then tom yelled "TIME FOR YOU TO TO COME OUT" and then you get dress and get out and he asked you out and then you sit in his lap the rest of the night :]

In conclusion, Bill is love.
denise, your tom, *thumbs down*
So tom,

no offence to those Tommy lovers.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Untitled Post

Well recently I got this feeling that the whole world had changed.
When something goes up, another will go down.
Well, we cant have the best of everything can't we?

Not talking about my family life, in fact, my family life is great.
Nothing special, just a normal family.

But there is another problem bothering me.
School life.
Is not that I'm stressed up with studies or anything.
I CAN cope with it.
I CAN achieve As. (not)
That's not the main problem, no.

It's not the teachers, their fine.
It's not the si botak, his head is shinny enough (principle)
It's not the school canteen, tho they poison once, still ok.
It's not the facilities that my school lack of.
It's not the super mini library.
It's not this not that.

Is that I'm lonely.

After 3 years of SMKTM, whyyy during form 3?
Oh sweet memories comes back when I think back on form 1.
yes, it was Emily, Ji Ying, Sher Lee, Hui Min. etc etc.
Form 2, I had Rui, Nini and gang.
Great memories.
Time sure pass fast.
It's PMR year, all things falls down.

The loneliness I'm having, is not that I have no friends, where got so Cham..
As in, I'm losing them.
Most of them, either end up with their partner, or some just avoids you without a reason.
I'm not complaining about you guys or anything,
But I really can't take it walking down ALONE during recess.
I hate the feeling of being alone,
I fear it tho, monophobia.
I'm not talking bad or anything. But I don't know,
If you all DO noticed that I'm being down.
Everyday, I'm being ignored all the time, being left out, pushed to a corner, pretending, dumped.

I pretend to sleep in class,
I complain that I'm sleepy, sick.
I say that I would want to go to the Komprasi, Teman me?
Pretending all these EVERYDAY,
Doing all over and over again.
Because of this small matter.
stupid me.

I did told Yee Chien before that I can't wait to change school.
I can't getting out from this hell hole.
Yea sure, you guys would all say:
"don't lah change school! stay till SPM"
By the time SPM's over, you guys can attend my funeral.
cause I've already committed suicide.
Asking me to stay back, but why bother for me!?
everyday is the same! Walking up, down, left right, in out alone.
everyday is the same, pretending pretending pretending.
everyday is like hell.
How I complain to keiffer every night, telling him
"Bee, I don't want to go to school"
He keep on pushing me forward to attend, so I can continue.
Die of Monophobia/Autophobia!?

I don't know, but school is hell.
I even bet some of you don't bother reading this at all.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Tokio Hotel Live In Malaysia!

sorry sorry if the pic quality is REALLY bad.
I seriously dont know where the heck my camera fly to.. ):
so i took em with my phone. T_T sucks.

Reached 1u and met up with bee first.
then denise arrived and got the tickets
we lined up like..some random line..
but no. that was not VIP lane.
so we walked 1 round to the lane and finally got in.
got front row man! :P
after awhile the crowd came in.

Back view. Crazy, so many people.
The stage. :) with photographers in front.

We start off with some DJ and then

Pop Shuvit

I donno their band. xD But the guitarist is cool.

And 2nd,


THROUGH MY WINDOW! HEHE! classic old song.

nise is not gonna wash her hands anymore.



OMG. T_T Bill and Tom! HEHHE!
Both both menang hot!!
only know like. 3 songs? XD
not a fan of them
but OMG now that i know, ngegeghadshsajdk! Their hot. xD
i bet my bee bee jealous dah!.

Thank u 1 Utama. 8)

p/s: alot of drunk-ist there. ): very uncomfortable. summore all mostly girls, they are scaring us all. T_T ngeh.
overall, the concert was great. <3


Friday, April 30, 2010


In malaysia, goverment schools. -_-
during form4 we have like 4 streams to choose.
It depends on what your ambition
for Science, includes like bio, chemistry, physics.... etc etc.
Accounts, economy.. err.. idk. mostly about maths and counting.
Art? history, music, literature and stuffs.

My mom really wants me to go into Science.
All parents wants their kids to get into Science.
They said like
"oh, science class students are always "smarter" wor"
and they consider Art streams students are much more er..
because the subjects their taking is much more easier than science
a.k.a, lazy.
my mom is forcing me to go into science stream.
but I'm not planning to be some vetenarian, doctor, lawyer?
why bother learning stuffs when it's not gonna relate to my ambition? O_o
btw, I have 2 ambitions.

1 is to be a Interior designer
(my dad laughed when i told him...)
2 is to open a nice bakery. I enjoy baking
(tho I've never baked before, but its very enjoyable. ok once.)

Most people think that WOW.
Science class students are all high class and stuff, being smart while Art streams students are all lazy.
Most people say that Science and Account stream leads to a brighter future while art? lousy.
If that is true.
Then Jonathan won't be a fashion designer.
See, even my mom's proud of him.
Thanks to Art Stream.
Kenny was also in art. (1A for pmr only ha..)
but now his taking up Mass Com. doing well.

So who says that science and accounts got a brighter future.
It depends on what we plan to be when we'r older.
of cause we do change our ambitions, but we need to make a decision now.
for the better.

I disagree about going to Science stream..
cuz i suck at science.
I really donno.
I hate science, so much stuff to remember for the stupid compound.
no offence to those who like chemistry (like jesmyn, siao eh)
except for chapter 4 i'm ok. Sperm + egg = us yay!
but plants are shit. >_>

Then again, i would not like going into accounts.
I get headache when I see numbers.
I do try my best in exams, getting 75% for maths
but mom still not happy with my results
wants me to get A so i can go into science.
But counting is a big headache for me
I CAN do it.
With my calculator lah.
correct? XD I made that question up.

Then again, I love drawing.
I'm halfway enjoying history? OMG. xD
ok I still hate Geo.
and love baking.
plan to take up culinary art. <3
who says that Art streams have like, a small choice of ambition to choose from?
They have lots of jobs to choose from depending on their attitude and personality.
they got
teachers, nurses, counselors, social workers, community workers,
Law, Political Science, Business,
TV, Radio, Newspapers, acting, singing, writing, art, designing, music, etc.

I wanted to be a teacher once.
Mom said to me;
"do you know that a teacher job is the most lousy job?"
I was like, wth. >_> ok nvm.
I dont mind a nurse but i cant stand injections.
oh but designing and culinary is good. :)

I really wan't to go into Arts.

What about you?


Friday, April 23, 2010

Madam, pink

Good morning.

I'm having like a super bad bad bad bad bad bad headache!
right now, I feel like hitting my head against the wall.
ohhhh. T_T

BTW. If you add me in facebook, you should noticed that I'm still posting stuff on my walls.
Yes, I said I wont be online.
but I failed.
Anyway kei's gonna change my password so I can't log in. -__-
oh well.

Oh like my drawing above? :D
hahahah, took me some time to figure out how to do the make up thingie.
I used cheap photoshop 7.0.
still my lover.
I don't care bout your..your..
CS3? etc etc etc.
BLUEK. -_-

uhh, YEAH! Shanice opened a blogshop.
Shopping with Passion <<

ok, I donno why, but MSN hates me..
Can't on it and IDK why. ):

wooo. headache's back.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BRB again.

Shall study hard.
PMR year.
yes no more gaming. <3


p/s: do sms/call me if anything. =)
don't have my phone number? too bad.
then you must be some stalker. OMG.

Monday, April 19, 2010



Aiyoh, got like.. 2 ulcer. KILLING.
I'm going back to KL on the 1st of May.
Thats right, Labour Day!
duh... Kei kei might not go for Tokio.
ngeh.. try to him to my place. <3
*donno if mom let him overnight*

see the cheap photoshop above?
yah..its like an awesome creation for me.
slowly, i'll be a pro.
*Hidung panjang*

Miss my kei.

8 more days.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Take 5

Alright all.
Sorry lah if dint update for so long..
Been busy. With maple.. hahahahaha.
also i'm busy with school.
so stress, so lonely.. SIGH.

House in melawati will be done during..may or june.
will be able to move in by then.
*thats what my parents say*
depends on the renovations.
cant wait to move back. damn miss city life.
Daddy i want a new lappy and a driver please!

9 more days!
omg omg omg omg.

to what? COUNT LAH. ;)

I might be changing link.
yes. sorry. <3

exam's next month. AGAIN.
june holiday, no worries. wanna swim in new pool. 50m
I mau new bikini.
darling? XD

oh yeh.
Scripture Union coming.
bringing phone to school..NEH.
dont want it to be confiscate again.

nom nom.
I'm stress out with form 3 plants.
the stupid reproductions with plant
donno what style, sigma, ovule.. T__T

k lah, stop here.


Friday, April 9, 2010


Sunday, April 4, 2010


I wanna jog. ):
but if i do jog around my apartment.
I have this feeling..
that odd feeling. o_O Where people would stare at you..

but its ok!
if i start doing cardio work..
then i start doing..things that helps build up abs.
I'll have awesome abs. 8D
at 15! EL OH EL.
well gotta make use of my time..

idk how to draw abs. XD susah..

ah tomorrow's monday. shit.