Friday, September 30, 2011


whats this you ask? :D Well, me and Gayathri will be hosting a "talk show" on monday as the opening for language month. also hosted by Belqadri & Hanis and a special performance by Bagel & Coffee! So just come to school lah on monday D:

here's a random picture of pillow acting cute when there's food:


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stress OMG

Wow, my last post was in JUNE!?
I thought I updated this blog last month. Time pass fast. TOO FAST.
Well an update on me, I've been busy lately with studies, (not)
plus I am addicted to paper clay, making rubbish. :D

next week is PMR already and it felt like I just took it yesterday.
Of course with my super surprisingly 4As that I did not expect to get them, is helping me reach my life long dream. date check:

Science stream is giving me lots of stress, the worse, CHEMISTRY and HISTORY.
I rule at Bio (not really)
well i need to study, or how will i be a veterinarian.
But somehow when learning, im not sure if I DO need to learn those in Bio.
Like the Aerobic Respiration formula from glucose.
ya know? the
cant imagine a vet telling that. :|
unless your pet needs more sugar.

I'll try to update again,
BTW, I dont study,