Friday, April 30, 2010


In malaysia, goverment schools. -_-
during form4 we have like 4 streams to choose.
It depends on what your ambition
for Science, includes like bio, chemistry, physics.... etc etc.
Accounts, economy.. err.. idk. mostly about maths and counting.
Art? history, music, literature and stuffs.

My mom really wants me to go into Science.
All parents wants their kids to get into Science.
They said like
"oh, science class students are always "smarter" wor"
and they consider Art streams students are much more er..
because the subjects their taking is much more easier than science
a.k.a, lazy.
my mom is forcing me to go into science stream.
but I'm not planning to be some vetenarian, doctor, lawyer?
why bother learning stuffs when it's not gonna relate to my ambition? O_o
btw, I have 2 ambitions.

1 is to be a Interior designer
(my dad laughed when i told him...)
2 is to open a nice bakery. I enjoy baking
(tho I've never baked before, but its very enjoyable. ok once.)

Most people think that WOW.
Science class students are all high class and stuff, being smart while Art streams students are all lazy.
Most people say that Science and Account stream leads to a brighter future while art? lousy.
If that is true.
Then Jonathan won't be a fashion designer.
See, even my mom's proud of him.
Thanks to Art Stream.
Kenny was also in art. (1A for pmr only ha..)
but now his taking up Mass Com. doing well.

So who says that science and accounts got a brighter future.
It depends on what we plan to be when we'r older.
of cause we do change our ambitions, but we need to make a decision now.
for the better.

I disagree about going to Science stream..
cuz i suck at science.
I really donno.
I hate science, so much stuff to remember for the stupid compound.
no offence to those who like chemistry (like jesmyn, siao eh)
except for chapter 4 i'm ok. Sperm + egg = us yay!
but plants are shit. >_>

Then again, i would not like going into accounts.
I get headache when I see numbers.
I do try my best in exams, getting 75% for maths
but mom still not happy with my results
wants me to get A so i can go into science.
But counting is a big headache for me
I CAN do it.
With my calculator lah.
correct? XD I made that question up.

Then again, I love drawing.
I'm halfway enjoying history? OMG. xD
ok I still hate Geo.
and love baking.
plan to take up culinary art. <3
who says that Art streams have like, a small choice of ambition to choose from?
They have lots of jobs to choose from depending on their attitude and personality.
they got
teachers, nurses, counselors, social workers, community workers,
Law, Political Science, Business,
TV, Radio, Newspapers, acting, singing, writing, art, designing, music, etc.

I wanted to be a teacher once.
Mom said to me;
"do you know that a teacher job is the most lousy job?"
I was like, wth. >_> ok nvm.
I dont mind a nurse but i cant stand injections.
oh but designing and culinary is good. :)

I really wan't to go into Arts.

What about you?


Friday, April 23, 2010

Madam, pink

Good morning.

I'm having like a super bad bad bad bad bad bad headache!
right now, I feel like hitting my head against the wall.
ohhhh. T_T

BTW. If you add me in facebook, you should noticed that I'm still posting stuff on my walls.
Yes, I said I wont be online.
but I failed.
Anyway kei's gonna change my password so I can't log in. -__-
oh well.

Oh like my drawing above? :D
hahahah, took me some time to figure out how to do the make up thingie.
I used cheap photoshop 7.0.
still my lover.
I don't care bout your..your..
CS3? etc etc etc.
BLUEK. -_-

uhh, YEAH! Shanice opened a blogshop.
Shopping with Passion <<

ok, I donno why, but MSN hates me..
Can't on it and IDK why. ):

wooo. headache's back.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BRB again.

Shall study hard.
PMR year.
yes no more gaming. <3


p/s: do sms/call me if anything. =)
don't have my phone number? too bad.
then you must be some stalker. OMG.

Monday, April 19, 2010



Aiyoh, got like.. 2 ulcer. KILLING.
I'm going back to KL on the 1st of May.
Thats right, Labour Day!
duh... Kei kei might not go for Tokio.
ngeh.. try to him to my place. <3
*donno if mom let him overnight*

see the cheap photoshop above?
yah..its like an awesome creation for me.
slowly, i'll be a pro.
*Hidung panjang*

Miss my kei.

8 more days.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Take 5

Alright all.
Sorry lah if dint update for so long..
Been busy. With maple.. hahahahaha.
also i'm busy with school.
so stress, so lonely.. SIGH.

House in melawati will be done during..may or june.
will be able to move in by then.
*thats what my parents say*
depends on the renovations.
cant wait to move back. damn miss city life.
Daddy i want a new lappy and a driver please!

9 more days!
omg omg omg omg.

to what? COUNT LAH. ;)

I might be changing link.
yes. sorry. <3

exam's next month. AGAIN.
june holiday, no worries. wanna swim in new pool. 50m
I mau new bikini.
darling? XD

oh yeh.
Scripture Union coming.
bringing phone to school..NEH.
dont want it to be confiscate again.

nom nom.
I'm stress out with form 3 plants.
the stupid reproductions with plant
donno what style, sigma, ovule.. T__T

k lah, stop here.


Friday, April 9, 2010


Sunday, April 4, 2010


I wanna jog. ):
but if i do jog around my apartment.
I have this feeling..
that odd feeling. o_O Where people would stare at you..

but its ok!
if i start doing cardio work..
then i start doing..things that helps build up abs.
I'll have awesome abs. 8D
at 15! EL OH EL.
well gotta make use of my time..

idk how to draw abs. XD susah..

ah tomorrow's monday. shit.


Friday, April 2, 2010

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