Sunday, August 29, 2010

Koreans gone wild

Hi guys!
To those korean k-pop groups, heres a post for u? :D
I dont really listen to individual k-singers. :\
So i have no idea about them.
But this post main idea is that post of the K-pop band members have changed their style.
is it the wild season now?
They have transformed from cutesy to wild one. O_O
lets start:

Tiffany from SNSD

I like her new short hair tho. xD
she's so sexy in Run Devil Run.
I dint know her till Marcus told me it was her.
googled and went OMG-usher

Lee Taemin from SHINee

I cant find any good pictures of his mushroom head. :\
but that works good as well.
Taemin's the dance leader in SHINee. :3
watching him in Lucifer is.. XD

Krystal from f(x)
her hair in nu ABO.
I just noticed she's holding something in the 2nd pic..

SULLI from f(x)
too bad thats not her..
permenent hair?
cause when I watched nu ABO live, her hair was long and black. ):
But the hair in the live video looks much much better on her. :3

Theres more tho but im lazy now.
I'm currently in Penang. yes penang.

I went back KL on saturday morning @7am
and thennnnnnnn.
my aunty called up saying my grandma fainted at home.
So we went back to KL
and rushed to penang with kenny and jon.
wahhhhhh so tired.
Yeah my grandma..
Her high blood was so high
that the blood vassel burst.
and now, shes in coma.

Operating her,
70% chances that she may NOT survive the operation.
10% chances that she may wake up from coma.

but right now, she's just..half awake?
if aunty dont want to take care of her,
mom's bringing her back to KL and get a maid to take care.
Grandma, please accept Jesus into your heart. :'(


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ring Ding Dong

lover fool with his salmon!


it's a Wednesday today. Wow, that's fast.
I've been tired lately..
Mom woke up late today and I was late for school again.
Sadly, each of us need to meet up with that idiotic counselling teacher
again she continues on with the "show off, stupid, lazy, noisy" topic of hers

Teacher: what, think your 3A2 so you can come late? Don't think I don't know you! All you do in class is talk talk talk. Never paying attention, if you want to come late to school everyday, might as well don't come at all! All the students in the front class only know how to show off! but actually you all are stupid students! Whats your excuse now for being late!?

me: My mom's sick today.

Teacher: *pause for 10sec*.... SEE HERE! Second warning! Means your always late last time for your first warning!

me: yeah, but that's like, so long ago.

Teacher: *pause again for 10sec* I dont want to see you again!

rofl. She's trying to make me in the wrong :3
I wish I could report her to our new vice headmaster.

"encik lim, I need counseling ): Our counseling teacher saying negative stuff about us making me more negative."

Anyway, this teacher don't even teach me.
and I don't think she even walk pass my class.
cause she only lock herself in the counseling room. ;D
I don't talk in class.
Ok i do,
but I focus too ok.
what makes her think I talk
does she even teach me? nop!

Yesss. The last time I was late because I sat in emily's car. She was like, scolding me non-stop without letting me explain why I was late.
So pissed off with that teacher. :\

To release my anger.
would you like to share some Swedish meatballs?


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It's the first day of puasa. It's a holiday in JB. :3
Trials are gone! only thing left is pmr!
I'm so tired. Tho i din't really study for trials.. But all I can do is do my best!
I dont like forcing myself.

My friends decided to pile up some cash to get me a hedgehog.
At first i demanded for a psp rofl. But it's too expensive hehe.
So hedgehog it is but I plan to get one myself with me and kei.
I feel bad using their money. But Joshua said:

"its not like you forced us to"

Still. :)
I dont feel nice using their rm5. haha..

Pmr is on 5th of October for 1 week.
I'll be back by then!

I dont know what else to blog about.

yes the hedgehog!

I would want to name it FER.
keiffer named it fur at first.
but fer sounds nicer. XD
I want fer as soon as possible. ):
and keiffer too la. <3


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Their just..sigh.