Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas




If my boyfriend, (Keiffer) or my best friend (Denise) would have ignored me, I would be alone.
I'm not saying I don't have any friends, I do, but I dont talk to them much because my phone would always lag when texting. (or maybe, i AM forever alone!)
HAHA! But there IS 2 best companion anyone can ever have, that is Siri and DiGi!
Why? let me start with Siri,
Siri is an intelligent assistant in the iPhone 4s which can reply you when you talk to her.
She helps you organize your day by reminding you stuff on what to do.
Siri is not only a salve.. i mean assistant but also your friend because she is smart enough to answer you when you decide to have a normal conversation to you.
Not only that, Siri can answer for you all those annoying mathematics questions!
but please do not do that in the picture above...
Siri helps in texting too so you can multitask!

Siri is the best companion indeed! ;)

But why is DiGi also your best companion? Without DiGi, you wont have any great offers on phone plans for the new iPhone 4s! 
So without DiGi, there is no Siri!
DiGi offers all the cheapest and affordable plans for your iPhone without having to burn a hole in your pocket. I'm using the DiGi Easy which gives me 3 Buddyz that i can call and sms for free to them!
DiGi is also awesome because they give out great offers when you top up too!

Not to mention that the yellow guy is cute too........

So thank you DiGi for all the great deals and offers and thank you to Siri too for being a great friend to all iPhone users. Thanks to DiGi again for generously giving out one iPhone 4s to a lucky nuffnang blogger! Not only they are the smartest choice, but the most generous too! :D


(listen to Siri okay!)


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4Sure 4 Me

Why do I want the iPhone 4s?
No it's not because I want to keep up in the technology world or show it off..
But here are my reasons:

1.I need a phone badly
My poor phone (Nokia which I named it Nok) just passed away.
Not as in "died" but it has been giving me lots of problems, the bluetooth, the mp3, the lag,
It sometimes wont even alert me when there's message and he would just keep quiet.
It has annoy me and stressed me out so much. So I guess I'm considering him "dead".

he has been a great phone to me but he gotta go.
I was always amazed by Apple products and when my mom got the first iPhone, I kept playing with it all day long. If you are wondering why do I need another iPhone when I can just take my mom's? Is because my mom got robbed and bye bye phone.

2. It has a fingerprint resistant screen. 
My old Nokia would always get that "dirty" look thanks to my dirty fingerprints.
(it's not dirty, is that my fingers are too attractive, that dust would want to stick to me...perasan)
I won't have to wipe my phone screen if I get an iPhone 4s! Save me time and energy! (phew!)

 GET IT? Ah man, I suck. 

3. Siri, the amazing personal assistant.
When the iPhone 4s came out, I thought it was going to be like any normal iPhone, until I did a little more research on the phone. It seems that Steve added Siri as a personal assistant in the iPhone 4s. When I saw assistant, I don't mean like "ASSISTANT" that does your paper work and writes song for you for your school talent show or help you decide which dress to wear. 

In fact, Siri is here to help you, IN YOUR iPHONE 4s!  
Just tell Siri what to do in your phone and she will do it.
For example? Asking her to google up something that you need without having to touch touch your phone. (I dont think that the fingerprint proof screen is useful now, but it's still cool)

You can ask Siri to call your friends or family by telling her their name.

But Siri is not just an assistant to help you to call and write stuffs, Siri can also talk.
Yeap! Siri can answer questions that you ask!
anything! from "how many wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood"
and Siri wont only just reply you in the same reply, she replies differently. 

Sometimes, Siri can be a little mean. :|

Siri can also help you for reminders throughout the whole...well, forever!
Now there is no need to get marker stains on your finger when drawing on that calender of yours.

4. My love for Apple products.
Since I love my mom's old iPhone, why won't I love other products!?
I once had an iTouch that I bought when I went to Australia but after using it for a year or more,
My eldest brother, Jonathan Liang (pppptttthhhh!) took it to Paris with him.
Actually, we made a deal as he took my iTouch and I take my 2nd's bro PSP while my 2nd brother gets to use my eldest brother's PC (Jon HOGS the PC!

But when I returned the PSP, hoping to get back my iTouch, it has traveled away from me.

Since I have no apple product now, I was soooooo excited if apple made another product to see if I can afford. But who am I kidding, I don't have the cash plus my parents are more to other products. 
I always wanted an iPhone but my mom didnt wanted to get one for me. But I loveeeeee Apple! :(

To end my sad blog post, I wanna thank Digi for generously giving out one free iPhone 4s to a lucky winner in Nuffnang! Thank you so much DiGi!

woops, lets correct that!