Thursday, December 31, 2009

another year.

Another year has passed again.
Time passed so fast, that I dint know that another year is coming.
there were loneliness in school, then made friends,
study study and then exams,
oh gee 4 terms has passed so fast.
looking at my results.. huh i've done better than last year.
taking notes in class is worth it though.

Yeah, 2009 was a great year..
oh plus the wishlist by my side bar..
i'm gonna remove it and will list out 2010's wishlist~
so here is 2009:

♠a digital cam √
♠new ipod earphones X
♠a new pendrive X
♠shoes √
♠a dress X
♠forever21 wishlist X
♠ a new shopping bag √
♠a new bag √
♠a new watch X
♠a new pencil box √
♠more G1 pen √
♠a new freaking pair of glasses √
♠50 ways to find a lover X
♠Spud X
♠The Green Book X
♠Chicken soup for the soul: Love stories X
♠and MORE NEW FRIENDS! √√√√√

cham lor. xD so much...
anyway will update the list with new stuff. :) look out!

I'm gonna miss form 2 life and look forward to formm 3.. *eek*
had a great year.
found a great boy
grew closer to God
meet more friends
went for mission

thank you year 2009..
and now,
i shall welcome......

Happy New Year To All!


Monday, December 28, 2009


blogging in progress.


Thursday, December 24, 2009



Sorry sorry sorry sorry for not updating for a super long time.
Cause brother's com is crap so I dint bother touching blogger with it.
but after people scolding me asking me to update so i better do it before they dig my eyeballs out.
ok i'll skip the cambodia trip cause its very long and seriously 7 days of update is too much. XD
so just to go through the whole trip:

1st day:
-went to changi, then cambodia.
-went to home stay, had lunch
-wake up, had dinner
-saw a "balut"..or something like that

2nd day:
-wake up, went to Barai.
-ate waterlily seeds, sea coconut (its sea coconut lah nicole, go check goggle image.)
-saw tarantula..ew.
-rest, horse ride to err some place..
-went back, ox ride to watch sunset awesomee.
-went back, villagers did traditional dance.

3rd day:
-wake up, went to Kampong Thom
-check in hotel
-rest, lunch, rest
-teach schools
-prayer meeting

4th day:
-church, teached children
-more visitations

5th day:
-MORE visitations
- i forgot.

6th day:
-back to Phnom Pehn
-meet up with Barai Team
-museum (S21)
-stayed in church

7th day
-wake up
-check in
-leave to singapore
-waited at changi for uncle Chuang Hua.
-ate at popeyes
-back to JB

awesome trip wei, sorry I could't tell u guys the real story. XD

Awesome Team! Team Danny! :)

got back to JB and KL
then camp omg..
camp was at perak
ok ok im very lazy to update everything now
camp was awesome also
just that i've never been to a church camp
that ask you to do
push up, squats, duck walk, running bla bla bla
whole body ache. xD
but sermon was awesome.
everyone got a dogtag (army style?)
very nice camp. :)

Awesome Team members. :)
Team Foxtrot!




Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jeum Reap Soo!

Back from cambodia yesterday.
I was wanting to upload the pictures but it seems that I cant find my usb. T_T Either left it in KL or lost for good.. SO I will be updating my trip only when I find it. xD Picture at the left is taken from Nicole's fb.

It was a great trip. :)
will update soon!

Jeum Reap Li!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bye Bye

Alright guys, I'm finally off to mission on the 2nd of December. :)
From church, we would go Singapore Changi and leave to Cambodia.
Will be back on the 9th!
make sure to check back after that for pictures and stuffs!



I'll update tomorrow lah..