Thursday, November 4, 2010

If I had Rapunzel's hair

Hello everyone!

None of us can wait any longer for the movie Repunzel to come out in cinemas.
The waiting is killing us one by one.
If any of you have been locking yourselves up in the room 24/7 watching Youtube and adding random people in Facebook and you are outdated...

Rapunzel is coming out in cinemas! :D

Instead of wondering how Rapunzel deal with her 70 feet of magical golden hair.
What if I had her 70 feet of magical golden hair?
with a 70 feet of magical golden hair.
i can do things that a 70 feet of magical golden hair can!

When I was young, I had long hair. not even 70 feet yet though..
Then CUT.
then long.
then CUT.
then long.
now CUT

How to get a 70 foot long hair!?

But if i have Rapunzel's hair..

1. I can go for a free bungee jump anywhere, anytime!
no need to line up at all and it's free! *thats the best part lah*
I can just tie the end of my hair at the top of KLCC and just jump down!

2. I'll be known from all other the world.
More famous than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber ok!
I'll be interviewed by so many channels that I dont even have the time to drink!
Imagine me being interviewed!

3. Instead of taking up 1 seat in the LRT, I'll take up 4 seats!
So no uncle will fall asleep on my shoulder and no aunty will try to squeeze in between!
also, it'll be a great excuse for me to my mom that I need a King-size bed for me and my hair!
and probably my own personal sofa!

4. Magical hair means no split ends!
I dont have to buy those Sunsilk Repair Damage Serum anymore to fix my hair!
Save the money so I can go shop for something else haha!
Magical hair also contains long lasting sweet smell for my hair right?
save shampoo also!
also, save water!
and money.

5. Magical hair also means i can change it's style.
Dinner? change to straight hair!
outing? change to curly!
too bad cant change to short.
min length must be 70feet hehe!
can also save on hair straightener and curlers!
not to mention those rm200+ treatments in salons!
*stares at purse*

But too bad I dont have her hair..

But I am able to catch Rapunzel in cinemas and watch make use of her 70-feet long hair!

Oh, and this is what you call a BAD HAIR DAY.