Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sukan 2010

Woke up, geraldine picked me to school.
got my name tag and was in Bryan's group with Yun Hao.
started out boring.. etc
then we "oh beh som" to see who's gonna go patrolling around half of the field.
sadly I lost.

walked walked walked and then walked back to the station.
just in time, someone fainted.

after one,
another one came.
and more
and more
and moree..

most of them fainted because..
they dint eat breakfast.

Oh theres this fat malay girl
the team member passed her to me and I support her to the shaded area..
she walked so fast lol that i asked her to slow down.
then halfway there, she fell.
almost on me but i pushed her the other side. xD
so heavy. xD

then just fan them and give water etc..
ran around while havin period is no good. @@
could have died.

but anyway quite fun for Kecemasan group.
ahh so sleepy

Liang who?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Probably a long update

17 February 2010

woke up, mom went to pick keikei while i got ready. Went into the car and went for breakfast. Denise's place and then to Wangsa Walk. Went for Popeyes babyyy and then took a cab to wangsa maju lrt and took lrt to KLCC. Changed plan, instead of movies, went shopping hahahaha. Kei kei and nise bought me the DKNY Pop Art Perfume which i wanted. :D

I love them. both.

went to reef, bought kei kei's valentine's present. got him a tee. rm79.
then, walked and shopped.
went to chillis and ate nacho's which its not tasty at all.
then, went to send denise off to setiawangsa lrt and me and kei kei sat back to asia jaya.
went for dinner, then send kei kei back.
oh yeh. end of day

18 February 2010

had lunch in Kissaten in Jaya One. Kei kei had cold noodles. awesum.
i had..curry.
hahahahha. then we had horrible caramel pudding.
then was being a lame person and freeze to death in cold storage.
went home, slept like 3 min and did homework.
kei kei ignored me while he was doing.
i sad.
then send him home.
end of day.

19 February 2010

woke up at 7am. daddy not home. mom dont care and straight went to penang.
ate at bidor for awesum wantan mee.
then went to Nibong Tebal, visit young uncle. Uncle Toby
then to butterworth, visit grandmaaa and ate again.
then to cousin's place, old old cousins and 2 niece and 2 nephew.
then to hardrock

.. so lonely... and moody..
I missed kei kei alot during the trip.
we waited for a long time for our room.
sadly that it was so long, they upgraded us from King's Club Deluxe
to King's Club Suit.

then cousins came,
went to swim, babysit my niece and nephew..
swim swim swim and then bath and went for hard rock cafe.

Twisted Mac and Cheese. 100000 thumbs up.

rest and left the next day..
oh this is my 4th niece.

Ying wei.. :)


Monday, February 8, 2010


I love u Elli. T__T Your too cute.


Sunday, February 7, 2010



Guys guys! Happy CNY to all. :)
yeah im stress up with homeworks and stuff in form 3.. might die soon so.. xD
wish me luck lah
im currently stuck to my psp.

addicted to it. xD should have listen to kei kei...

by the way all.

I'll try to update everyday for cny. try lah.
not yet comfirm lahh.
all i know cny will be in JB and KL only
no visitation.


no visitation = no ang pao.
no ang pao = no money

its just a quick post cause got homeworks to do. XD

bye all.


Monday, February 1, 2010


thanks for all the wishes on my birthday. :D
had kindda of a good time with bro and hes gf in genting lol. I can masuk outdoor theme park for free :3 cuz its meh bday!
lol.. went back home and kei came over. passed me gifts and mom send us to Amcorp Mall to have a drink. Then walked around the mall donno how many millions time till bro arrives. went to Pavillion and went michelangelo's for dinner.

Dad ordered 2 plates of softshell crabs. T-T so awesome.
took some pics while we wait..

Me and grandma

Eve (bro's gf), Kenny and Mom. lol

and finally, food's here:

me and mom: Cod Fish. :D Dont remember the name.. too long. xD

kei's and grandma's!
Pollo Alla Marsala!

huh, eve, kenny and dad's... if not mistaken, lamb?


send kei home and open up my present from kei. :3

Full stuff. :D teddy bear and chocolates.

then kei told me to open up the chocolate box.
huh so i did?
and tadaa:
oh! :D

whats inside?
a beautiful necklace.

other than these he gave me a ring which i cant wear lol.. and one of hes tee which im using as PJs. XD
yeah good bday i guess. enjoyed. :D
and extremely full.