Tuesday, March 30, 2010

its a cruel world


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things I wanna do

Things I wanna do by this year:

1. PAWS (again lol)
2. Finish Fatal frame 3
3. Bake pies (kei lime, mud, chocolate cream,banana cream)
4. make my room super green. :D
5. learn cooking
6. learn baking
7. shop shop shop
8. find a nice online game
9. play more ps2 games
10. help out PAWS more. :)




Tuesday, March 23, 2010

cheap photoscape GIF animation. XD



Sunday, March 21, 2010

school reopens


Holiday Update

Sorry lah dint update during the holidays..
I cant use my bro's com to draw, cause it sucks.
so i'll try to update everything here.

went to nise's house and went to church.
cell group and SR. same o' story.

Kei kei came to my place..
do what i dont remember, must be wasting time lul.
OH YA! we visited his dad HAHAHAHHA. XD

went to nise's place. We wanted to cut our hair so we walked all the way to the LRT station just to get a cab there..
almost died walking there..

got a cab with a friendly uncle (happy)
he took us to Desa Setapak (wangsa maju ss2)
lots of shops there and the uncle told us to pick a good one.
then he starts reading out the shops name. xD
in the end we picked *miko

No 9-11 Jalan 1/27B Desa Setapak, 53300 Kuala Lumpur | Tel: +603 4143 3916

I'll say, their quite good.
If you want a pro cut, they charge rm48. director's cut cost around 50 plus?
and normal cut i guess like 30-40.
some girl cut my hair. It turned out nice.
tho not the want i quite wanted.. but im keeping my fringe first then only cut..
now just with a normal short hair. no straight fringe.

Died at nise's place.

Xiang yi came to nise's place to pick us up.
he was waiting under the sad hot sun.
I told him that I cant find my phone.
Denise err failed to put eye liner cause of the rush.
walked to the lrt and saw the gang.
waiting for kei to come while 3 of the guys went on one train and decide to take a ride.
when kei reached, they called up and told us that the train stopped. -___-
so we waited for them..
reached KLCC, bought our watch and met ah pa, ma and gab.
damn hype wei, they think its their grandfather mall meh. xD
they threw a ball from the escalator to us and it bounced like no one's business.
do you know some people think that the 2 long tower was KLCC? I used to.

so we went to eat and so ah pa, ma, gab, kei and me walked around the mall.
went into the art museum and ah pa decided to name our group..
ah pa, its Asia for Asia. -__-.
sejarah failed.
cant blame him for going sayfol.
then we reached the Expression Of The Mondane hall and ah pa, again, decided to become a tour guide. a bad one.
watched Valentine's day and walked around KLCC after that.
then went to send denise back to setiawangsa and back to Asia Jaya.
kei ate dinner at my place.

Thusday and friday.
played Bully Schoolarship Edition... finish.

Went to Mid instead of church.
wanted to watch Alice In Wonderland.
manage to get tickets phew.
watched AIW in The Gardens and walked to mid for jalan jalan and aunty anne's.
oh shit lol. we were finding aunty anne's and i then became lazy to walk. xD
so, we decided to ask someone.
lazy shit.

and now sunday.
back to jb SOB.
well school's starting tomorrow. lame...
see everyone in school! :D


Friday, March 12, 2010

last day omg~

finally school's out. :D
i had to sabar lol.. but finish d anyway. :)
got back our english paper..
i got like 37/40 for objective.
then my classmate, Rai, kept talking about his marks.

-_- so what.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

After exams!

You know how people use to say..
"omg, major exam! gotta study hard this year!"
I remember saying this for my new year resolution:

I need to score A for science, maths, english and BM..
yeah but do you see me studying for the exam? :D
no. :D
I dont know but i feel lazier this year.
15 mah, once ur older, you can do more stuffs.
yeah instead for going for extra classes the school prepare,
i end up asking Manson for games.
Tho its true i cant make it, I'm going back Kl straight after school on friday.
extra classes are on saturday and monday.
IN KL. <3
so maybe you would say that 1 week of holiday i should study.
PMR is like on october or something?
yeah but neh, I wanna enjoy my life first.

what to do?
wanna meet kei kei also~


Tan Li-Min

happy birthday lalalallalalaalaalallala
DAMN ur old now.
15 year old d cheh. :D

I like, found craps in my com>>
us in once apon a time. xD

oh mai.

happy birthday again.
can i just give u 100bucks like last year? xD
God bless!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My friend told me that tomorrow's art test, the question paper's gonna come out in objectives. no drawing for this year... ):
come to think of it, our art teacher dint gave us any notes at all. (unlike last year)
thought I would check my notes for art and sadly. EMPTY. ):

Got stuff lah, just that I don't think its enough to cover it, the notes are all just craps.
(example; whats the name of the lines and a picture)

If there's nothing to study, how the hell do I ace my arts!?

Yes our super cool art teacher, mohdnor, (or mohamad nor) a.k.a, our school discipline teacher.. like omg, he just comes into class, look at us and say:
"i got stuff to do, so do your own work"

and leaves.
phail 1 subject probably?
try my luck tmr. ):

last day of exam tomorrow! :D


Saturday, March 6, 2010