Thursday, December 31, 2009

another year.

Another year has passed again.
Time passed so fast, that I dint know that another year is coming.
there were loneliness in school, then made friends,
study study and then exams,
oh gee 4 terms has passed so fast.
looking at my results.. huh i've done better than last year.
taking notes in class is worth it though.

Yeah, 2009 was a great year..
oh plus the wishlist by my side bar..
i'm gonna remove it and will list out 2010's wishlist~
so here is 2009:

♠a digital cam √
♠new ipod earphones X
♠a new pendrive X
♠shoes √
♠a dress X
♠forever21 wishlist X
♠ a new shopping bag √
♠a new bag √
♠a new watch X
♠a new pencil box √
♠more G1 pen √
♠a new freaking pair of glasses √
♠50 ways to find a lover X
♠Spud X
♠The Green Book X
♠Chicken soup for the soul: Love stories X
♠and MORE NEW FRIENDS! √√√√√

cham lor. xD so much...
anyway will update the list with new stuff. :) look out!

I'm gonna miss form 2 life and look forward to formm 3.. *eek*
had a great year.
found a great boy
grew closer to God
meet more friends
went for mission

thank you year 2009..
and now,
i shall welcome......

Happy New Year To All!


Monday, December 28, 2009


blogging in progress.


Thursday, December 24, 2009



Sorry sorry sorry sorry for not updating for a super long time.
Cause brother's com is crap so I dint bother touching blogger with it.
but after people scolding me asking me to update so i better do it before they dig my eyeballs out.
ok i'll skip the cambodia trip cause its very long and seriously 7 days of update is too much. XD
so just to go through the whole trip:

1st day:
-went to changi, then cambodia.
-went to home stay, had lunch
-wake up, had dinner
-saw a "balut"..or something like that

2nd day:
-wake up, went to Barai.
-ate waterlily seeds, sea coconut (its sea coconut lah nicole, go check goggle image.)
-saw tarantula..ew.
-rest, horse ride to err some place..
-went back, ox ride to watch sunset awesomee.
-went back, villagers did traditional dance.

3rd day:
-wake up, went to Kampong Thom
-check in hotel
-rest, lunch, rest
-teach schools
-prayer meeting

4th day:
-church, teached children
-more visitations

5th day:
-MORE visitations
- i forgot.

6th day:
-back to Phnom Pehn
-meet up with Barai Team
-museum (S21)
-stayed in church

7th day
-wake up
-check in
-leave to singapore
-waited at changi for uncle Chuang Hua.
-ate at popeyes
-back to JB

awesome trip wei, sorry I could't tell u guys the real story. XD

Awesome Team! Team Danny! :)

got back to JB and KL
then camp omg..
camp was at perak
ok ok im very lazy to update everything now
camp was awesome also
just that i've never been to a church camp
that ask you to do
push up, squats, duck walk, running bla bla bla
whole body ache. xD
but sermon was awesome.
everyone got a dogtag (army style?)
very nice camp. :)

Awesome Team members. :)
Team Foxtrot!




Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jeum Reap Soo!

Back from cambodia yesterday.
I was wanting to upload the pictures but it seems that I cant find my usb. T_T Either left it in KL or lost for good.. SO I will be updating my trip only when I find it. xD Picture at the left is taken from Nicole's fb.

It was a great trip. :)
will update soon!

Jeum Reap Li!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bye Bye

Alright guys, I'm finally off to mission on the 2nd of December. :)
From church, we would go Singapore Changi and leave to Cambodia.
Will be back on the 9th!
make sure to check back after that for pictures and stuffs!



I'll update tomorrow lah..


Thursday, November 26, 2009

2a3 (2009) Thank you

After 1 whole year in 2A3
I would like to say Thank you to those who looked after me. :')
we joked together, run together, scream at each other, slap each other, scold each other, and lain lain together.
I thank my teacher Cikgu Aishah for always pinching me, scolding me, hitting my butt etc etc etc. :D
plu also the girls:

Left: rui
Right: Nini

Rui: Thank you for being a good daughter. T_T Always there to scold me lol. Sorry for all the bad bad mistakes that mommy did. Sorry but still no pocket money for you kakakaka! Enjoy your life with your new boyfriend who is also your brother (lol) oh yea sorry about the picture, I noticed that I dint finish your hand haha. XD No glasses very hard to see.

Nini: NINI GOH PEI NI! YO YO YO YO YO YO YO hahahah. XD you dont complain about the drawing of you har, this will probably be the last drwaing. ): Thank you for spending the whole year with me (not) I remember the day I smack your butt then you shouted my name and chase after me XD I was damn scared of you hahah. I miss miss you hitting me, disturbing me, and lain lain me. xD Can't be in the same class with you next year.. HAIH.



sorry sorry too lazy. Just woke up. lol

Zhen De:
Thank you for being a good son. The best son. :) better than kai. I wish when I have a son next time, I want him to be just like you. :D Truthful, very guai... but studies not that good. XD Thank you thank you for being there with me. :)

Yun Hao:
YUN HAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I will always remain calling you like this and running to hug you. XD And you will do the *shiver* action. Hahhahaha thank you for teaching me maths when I dont know but when you teach I still dont understand.

I donno lah but you very weird one. XD I cant tell if your a mature or immature guy. Times you are serious and times your childish. hmmm. You always try hard in exams and studies. :) Keep up the good work OK? And soon you will achive the goal you want. :)

Thank you for the pizza on my last day. T_T Even tho I dont like the pizza, I still like teh cheeseeeeee. For all I know, your going to be in the same class with me next year lol. Keep studying hard YAH. XD You are my best annoying classmate ever!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

simple update- 22112009

I missed FLELE alot.
I downloaded her again. :)
Her name is Chito btw ( I named it LAWL. long ago)

So for this week holiday,
I'm gonna spend most of my time
on the internet
or ps2. (lifeless)
so if anyone wants to go out please come find me (JB only.)
After this week I'm off to Cambodia (wheeeeeeeeeeeee)
come to think of it, I need to buy stuff. D:
lol someone please call me out. T_T

Dad said we'r going Langkawi before Christmas
I was really 'wtf'
kei's going back to hes hometown (KK) on Christmas!
lol another year of lonely Christmas in KL.
Reason why the trip is before Christmas is because brothers wanna go clubbing and parties on Christmas..

mom is coming back on Wednesday
if some of you are thinking why am I still in JB
mom asked me not to go down to KL for the whole week.
another point
she don't wanna pay another person's flight ticket

come to think of it
right now I have kei in my life
seems that I kinda changed my mood alot..
without him:
I would probably be dead by now
I've always wanted to commit suicide but with him now,
no point of doing it.
also, I would probably not get number 1 in class
getting good grades.
without him,
probably next year I would drop class..
he gave me the support and love
for me to study and helping me in some (SOME)
he's leaving next year...
without him,
my phone will be very lonely
without him,
my hand would have scars..
Thank you bee
for always being there for me
also there when I was crying yesterday..
Love you
and God bless.

ahh my arm still hurts
and itch now. T_T


Time dont always stop

Hmm I'm back to JB now and it seems really boring and lonely here..
got my shots in church yesterday and my arm is hurting like shit. ):
starting to have headache but no fever yet.
I miss him alot now that I'm 4 hours away from him..
feels so lonely and quiet here everyday at home..
yet the Digi line here sucks badly and also him calling me everyday is really expensive..
wish time would stop and just remain on tuesday forever..
but too bad..

so I thought of writting a poem
since I have not been using my brain lately.

Keiffer James,

mostly at times,
your jokes are lame,
but every words,
gives me fame.
I have lots of bad sides,
but you dint said any,
you said I'm perfect in your sight,
I miss that smile every morning.
plruking everyday,
facebook all the way,
every reply you post,
oh noes.
keiffer, keiffer, keiffer james,
next year I'm gonna miss you like heck.
bee I miss you everyday,
you never fail at making me say,

I love you

ahhh. I'm gonna update something else later.
later lah. XD


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

a tuesday

hugging you makes my heart skip a beat
kissing you makes my heart heat
I miss you. ):

me and nise waited for kei till 1pm plus..
when he arrived, he told me to wait at the lif.
so i went down to get him
mana tau
he went up to find me

was lucky to find a taxi in front of us
took to 1u and went to TGV to get tickets for 3.30.
we walked around finding a place to eat our lunch
but when we ordered, we noticed it was already 3.30
halfway Issac (kei's bff) haha came and visited us
ta bao our food and went for the movies
2012 was not that bad lar i guess
It dint make me cry so i rate it 6/10
quite boring also anyway.

buy bra from La Senza HAHA. xD
went to BR for banana split:

Then we continued walking around finding for the stuff kei wants..
walk walk walk walk
walk into shops to camwhore and stuff. xD
found the shop Deeper & Harder
sounds so wrong.

lala couple.

kei found a shirt in Kitschen but mana tau not enough money. XD
I was willing to pay part of the shirt for him first cause his awards night is on Thursday and I want him to look good. :)
if he does wear his softhard shirt I will give him one good slap.
then called dad to come pick us up
went to our place for awhile and he went home. ):
cant bare to see him go off...

went and cook maggie mee with denise
tried out our starbucks tee and camwhore. 8D

dad said i can come back to KL after the injection!
omg whee!~ xD


Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13 2009

exams are over baby!!

went to school,
same time as always
see my sweet gang (classmate and not)
then they told me manson bought pizza. I was shocked he actually bought pizza wei. XD
mana tau he actually bought it for me. *touched*
so he asked me to take the very first slice of the pizza (of cause some of the slices are gone, eaten by him)
but then we all ate happily and went to class
art paper 1 was shit
maths paper 1 was fine.
oh yah plus:

*show off*
i won 3rd place is scrabble
i know it sucks cause some guy cheated in the competition
the teacher like, helped him
and there is no such word "xo" in the dictionary lor.

yeah but
its better than nothing. O:
phew finally i can relax.
cant wait for tuesday. watching 2012.
also going out window shopping with nise and also out with kei. :)
:) :) :)


Thursday, November 12, 2009


gratz to my brother (jonathan) for winning MIF-W fashion 2009. 8D
but too bad when i ask him to split the cash money with me he ask me to go eat shit and die lol. but ah well i could't be there to support you aha. looking at the picture above ar..quite memalukan that your short. xD *shhhh*
Yeah lah you like won the competition for quite a long time but exam mar so no time to update bloggie.
Imma watch mommy's phone bill go high for calling everyone telling about your winning. O:
ahhhh so gratz lah.

your loving cute kind sister. <3

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


still having exam.
friday last day and will go back to KL on sunday
cant wait.

cant wait to see you baby
we dont have to wait for a month now


Saturday, November 7, 2009



woke up at 9-10.
its a saturday so thought i could sleep longer...
woke up, order McD for lunch, ate and got ready for church.
emma dint come to church so quite lonesome in service. But is able to listen well in service. XD
then went to cell lol.. as usual.

had dinner with Kayli
then sat around and waited for training
I'm in Danny's group. 8)
same group with Kayli, Hwee Hua
my group's going to cambodia..
then we went to a room to start learning Khmer
no kidding, even Thai is easier to learn..
yeah we all struggled to learn lol..
for Thailand group they had Fu Yao to teach them
we leh
computer. XD
because no one knows Khmer..
yeah so we all were laughing and trying to learn it..
teacher, danny, was blur about it.
so donno if we can survive in mission. xD
"body language"

so then went home after that.

by the way

I have to get 2 injections before mission
if not mistaken, one is anti tetanus and another 1 i dont remember
i hate injections
not hate
scared. XDDD


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dear Jesus

I pray that everyone i know or not will be safe. ):
do protect them..
no matter what time
be there for them..

keiffer was robbed just now but thank God that he's safe and there is no injury.. I feel down and sad cause I'm not able to be there to comfort him nor be there next to him..I'm really sorry.. not to mention that I wont be there for you on your birthday because of my mission and now gotta celebrate belated. ):

also, thank you to kei's dad for calling me and informing me about it..also thank you that I am able to still call kei and call his number if there's anything. :D

but still, the world is dangerous now..
everyone do becareful.

you too baby. ):


Saturday, October 31, 2009


Skipped church today because I have a bad bad flu plus cough..
because of my flu, its giving me a headache..
after lunch dad send me home so i can rest
then he came home and said we'r going shopping
i was like..

Dint buy much today haha
daddy took me to topshop and i guess the only thing i can fit into is the Petite corner
if your thinking what is that, its for the short people. XD
tired on a shirt and i nod a daddy
he took out cash to pay for me

looks plain, but i like! 8)
rm103.00 LOLOL

I want this pants. ): high waist..

after shopping dad took me to facial
face now is damn smooth ahaha and then daddy packed nasi lemak for me
i love you daddy. xD

well wanna rest..
k's out celebrating halloween while i'm home blogging~
ah well.



I'm down with flu, cough, headache and lil fever


Friday, October 30, 2009

Hearts away

NOTE: If you find this post disturbing or you hate it, dont bother leaving a comment or commenting in my cbox because this post was written by my own opinion. But if you do like it, COMMENT LAR. xD haha


I got this post idea while taking my shower and clearing my head
because SOMEONE is moving to switzerland, I thought of stuffs and I came out this idea.
So here are stuffs to have a good and lost lasting relationship:


- Being committed to each other is the no.1 most important thing if your aiming for a healthy long relationship. If your not committed to the other party, you are more likely to fall for another person and dumping your loved one. If you cant decide if you wanna be committed to that person. then dont bother going into a relationship.

-Try trusting each other and promised to be committed, this adds up point to the relationship and you will slowly grow.


-No matter what type of relationship your having, every relationships need trust to each party. If one party end up accusing another when it's a false accuse, the other party will find it annoying and chances of you breaking up the relationship. Do trust each other no matter where you are, how you feel or what you think.

-Texting each other when your away from each other does help to build the trust. Sharing problems or even random stuffs would be giving a message to the other party that you do trust them. ;)


-Dont be scared about fights when your in a relationship. If both of you do trust each other, fights actually do help you to build up your relationship and get to know more about your partner, for example probably he hates you talking about hair all day, you then will know that it would annoy him and will keep it mind. Remember, no relationship is perfect, every relationships will have fights

-If you were in the wrong and he/she said sorry first, it means that he/she is scared to lose you. But though this type of relationships will also get into fights. Because no relationship is perfect as I repeat. ;)

4.Being Open to the world

-Is your bf/gf hiding your identity from his friends? Is so, this may mean that he/she does not want anyone knowing he/she's with you. This kind of relationships is most likely to fall apart. So guys/girls, do be open and tell the world that you are proud to love this person, it would kill, but if you trust him/her, its better to share to the world than hiding it at the corner.

-Still no? try asking him/her why, if he/she says that he/she dosent want to let any of his/her friends know, this means that either the other party likes someone elses and dosent want his friends telling that person that your partner is with you or your partner does not want to be humiliated, dump that kind of person.

so again if you find this post disturbing, go away. (:
I'm done, having bad flur



Happy birthday mustafa danial. 8)
long time dint see you online tho, but im a good girl and did texted you happy birthday *grin*
you ar, go aus without inviting me lolol! some kind of friend you are. xD
happy a great birthday lah!

HAHA I'm not suppose to be blogging but i cant resist going online
finals are coming soon and I'm not even serious
(I'm always texting kei and calling him all night)
have to start studying soon hahah
finals start on 5th
which is jonathan's fashion show sighh
if i would to go, I'll probably be shopping for designer stuff. xD hahahaha
but oh well..
Miss you. ):


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

amazing letter


Monday, October 26, 2009



I woke up with a headache today and clicked on the tabs on my mozilla as the same as yesterday..
and the day after..
but anyway I would always check the nuffnang project alfa competition tho..
but today!

I checked the page today..


my prizes are:
  • Adidas A3/ Rimmel London/ Montagne Jeuneese Pack worth RM150
  • 5 tickets to Pyramid Ice worth RM100
  • 2 tickets to all Sunway Theme Parks for a day worth RM180

it was the "A happy kennysia morning" post which got me on the list! :')
then I went to check my nuffnang account..


wow I'm starting to love nuffnang to death!
and him

Now I shall wait for them to call/email/contact me.
off to school!


Saturday, October 17, 2009


Proud of my filled in form. xD

if some of you remember the post about the GAP sign in my church
today when i went to church i was walking to the toilet

lololol i was like shocked. xD
they are awesome to think about this sign
the pants i heard was like original from Levi's
but i dont understand why is he wearing a scarf and a cap but wearing a tee lol
if its nevermind
btw its not a real person ok.



p/s: since im going for mission..I donno if I will be going back to KL cause i have training every saturday on november... I will for year end shopping though, so don't worry lar denise tan. 8)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I dont have to wait for Malaysia to snow because there's still hope.

My mom FINALLY approved of me going for mission!
after like, a week of praying my eyes off and crying.
wrote a letter about the mission on her birthday and she changed her mind
few hours ago she said yes. 8D
2mins later she said she's still worried and might call emily's mom


first of all

I wanna say thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!
to those who helped me pray for this. TvT
that includes
denise ong
denise tan
aiyak. dont remember. xD
for answering our prayers! T__T
another loving thanks to my brother kenny
for talking to my mom about it (he dint,but thanks for going-to-help)
also to the person who let me go, MY MOM. x)
also a sad thanks to daddy
cause he's paying.


Friday, October 9, 2009

a happy Kennysia morning

After burying myself on the bed due to lack of sleep from yesterday
I decided to check out my compute baby to see how he's doing after being on for the last 42 hours.

seem fine.

sat down and again watched the video which I left loading yesterday.

Trying not to hunch ok.
After checking out Facebook, youtube 8D
I decided to check my blog, seems dead lar so I thought I would change my posting style (as you are reading now)
Then I remember the blue ad at the side of my blog call "nuffnang" and clicked on it.

yes i have absolutely no earnings even though with 174 clicks. xD

Why Nuffnang so complicated
I donno.
A few weeks ago I remember watched nicolekiss going to the zoo.
omgee I wanna go there too. 8D

Kennysia is gonna be on project alfa this week!

Ater watching it again and again

Haha what a great way to start my day
it was funny when kenny said he would be busy talking about how old and how much is a rock. XD
but he's story's also very touching and sad about his father. ):
*wipes tears*
Anyway cant wait for the next episode tomorrow.

ok time for lunch wheee!
bye! 8D


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Church- 03102009

If you cant notice anything weird in this picture, go check your eye.

How cute with the G.A.P mission trip sign. O:
to those who donno what's G.A.P, GAP.
it stands for Go And Preach
GAP is currently going to Thailand on december
and Cambodia donno when.
my mom wont let me go for Thailand, I can try my luck on Cambodia..
If you are going for mission trip
you would have to attend the training in the whole november
have to practice song, dance, and stuff.
I really want a mission trip testimony in my life
it would be like..
so cool and touching.
a dream come true. xD

uh yea so please pray for me
hoping my mom would let me.