Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life in Japan

It has been 2 months here in Japan and before coming here I was excited for my new life here.

But ever since I'm here, I have been experiencing so many changes, the culture, the people, people I mix with, the food differences, God I miss spicy food.

School has been easy, as easy as a piece of cake.

I've always hated studying in high school but learning another language is really interesting.

People have asked me why did I ever take up Japanese. Honestly, I dont know.

I wanted to do translating in the game industry after I graduate or even work for a big shot company translating their works. But translating isnt going to help me fulfill my gaming participation in the industry. I thought,

"Hey, maybe after my 2 years of language, I can do game design here in Japan!"

That was my thought.

I wanted to take up game design since I was in high school but never did consider it taking in Malaysia.

I could have gone to KDU, TOA, or...thats all I can think of.

I even thought of going out of Malaysia and Japan, to the UK, US or Aus to take this course but I threw those idea away.
I actually want to move back to Malaysia.

I know, I know, I said I hate Malaysia. But knowing that my brother is back there, I really want to move back home and be with him. not having my brothers there in the house is just so..boring.

So now, where am I going to go, is still a mystery..

Sunday, June 2, 2013

18 years later


This post may differ to other people out there in the world, but this is what I think gaming has done to me for these past 18 years.

Whenever someone knows I play games, they would be shocked that as a girl, I shouldn't be gaming.
I get feedback from girl friends saying that gaming are a guy thing and as a girl, I should be busy being beautiful, being a social butterfly and being fashionable.

I disagree to that thought.

Yes, I do try to dress up nicely, but I have my reason for that.

I was born 3rd in my family with 2 elder brothers.

My first brother who is a fashion designer now in Paris, inspired me to dress well. Another reason is that I don't want to humiliate him. But I do love him more than anything. His evil torturing and encouragement helped me till now. I learn to be stronger and more confident. And also, try to dress well.

My second brother who is God-Knows-What-Is-He-Doing-Now in UK, thought me to be a gangsta. Yeh, he taught me to be the bad ass mother-beep, helped me made friends..My second brother is like a real life comedian, my family wont be complete without him.

But from both of them, they loved games.

When I was 5, probably the first thing I enjoyed doing when I get home was to use the PC.
There was no internet connection yet but I had a few games on the Windows 95.
A few years later we manage to buy the PS1, which made us 3 some crazy bunch of kids.
I didn't know much gaming when I was young. But I did enjoyed the console. I played with my dad, my relatives, brothers and even messed around with my bro's Harvest Moon save. (Oh that was funny)
Honestly, I never, NEVER, played Mario.

My question everyday to myself, am I a gamer?

What is a gamer? 

Is it someone who played every single game since the first game of the history came out?

Is it someone who have knowledge about gaming?

Is it someone who plays for the Internationals?

What kind of "gamer" am I?
Gaming was something I do to relieve my stress, to keep me company, to help me stay strong.
As for who I am, I am someone who hates making friends, I hate socializing real life. I am a shy, quiet, person, until you get to know me. Meeting new people is always a challenge for me. I never liked being the first to introduce. I am changing these days, but nothing beats being alone gaming.
I am a little fussy when I comes to games. I love beautiful graphic games, a beautiful storyline, a beautiful adventure, and fun.

Mostly any games could fit into my game list.

Gaming is not a crime, it shouldn't be listed as a group in the society.
Anyone can enjoy and be good at a game, its the point of if you want to be better at it.
And being good at gaming is no different than being good at anything in life.

If you want to be good at drawing, practicing helps.
If you want to be good at dancing, practicing helps.
If you want to be good at gaming, practicing helps.

No one, and I mean no one, should be felt left out by gaming. Gaming is something you can pretend by loving to get someone, to be closer or to be popular. Its about the love of games.

I enjoy speaking to both gamers and non-gamers. I had trouble not having friends who plays games and who are completely different than me. But from different games, I learn to be accepting. I accept anyone as my friend, as long as you dont be a bitch. HUAHUAHUA.

No matter what people think of me, what people say, I love and enjoy games more than anything.

I am currently doing 2 years of Japanese Language and after that, I plan to go to a game design vocational school. Either it will be programming, animation, I want to be doing something I love.


Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Dragon's Dogma
FF 7,13, Crisis Core
Uncharted Series
Papers, Please.
Saints Row III (A gift from my bro, damn that was a funny game)
Still playing Dota 2
Resident Evil 5, 6 
Call of Duty Series
Left 4 Dead, my love...
Dragon Nest
Persona 3,4
Fatal Frame Series
Tomb Raider
L.A Noire
Legend of Mana
Heavy Rain
Tales of the World

Of course, the list goes on.

I love games.