Thursday, June 20, 2013

Life in Japan

It has been 2 months here in Japan and before coming here I was excited for my new life here.

But ever since I'm here, I have been experiencing so many changes, the culture, the people, people I mix with, the food differences, God I miss spicy food.

School has been easy, as easy as a piece of cake.

I've always hated studying in high school but learning another language is really interesting.

People have asked me why did I ever take up Japanese. Honestly, I dont know.

I wanted to do translating in the game industry after I graduate or even work for a big shot company translating their works. But translating isnt going to help me fulfill my gaming participation in the industry. I thought,

"Hey, maybe after my 2 years of language, I can do game design here in Japan!"

That was my thought.

I wanted to take up game design since I was in high school but never did consider it taking in Malaysia.

I could have gone to KDU, TOA, or...thats all I can think of.

I even thought of going out of Malaysia and Japan, to the UK, US or Aus to take this course but I threw those idea away.
I actually want to move back to Malaysia.

I know, I know, I said I hate Malaysia. But knowing that my brother is back there, I really want to move back home and be with him. not having my brothers there in the house is just so..boring.

So now, where am I going to go, is still a mystery..

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